January 16, 2024

Success Story: Gaining a Google Knowledge Panel

Have you ever Googled a celebrity and the first thing that comes up is a set of boxes with their photograph, overview, personal data, et cetera? For example, if you Google “Tom Hanks,” a whole page of information comes up for him, and then a list of his films. These […]
June 28, 2023

Client Feature: We Put Eunoia Therapeutics on the Map

Licensed Massage Therapist Erica Rice brings passion to her massage business. Her joy comes from working with people, so anything that takes time from it becomes a challenge. Online presence, for example, takes a lot of babysitting, so we here at SiteInSight, as a local Columbus-based website design company, made […]
June 21, 2023
pexels photo 313690

Sometimes Running a Business is Tedious: Let SiteinSight Help

So you have a huge, hand-written Guest Book with emails and you want to enter them into a usable database. Or you have audio files you want to transcribe. Or a zillion receipts you would like to document. It’s a big job, but not big enough to build software to […]
November 17, 2022
Alice Foeller Columbus Dispatch

Alice Foeller Featured in Columbus Dispatch for Community Leadership

SiteInSight CEO Alice Foeller was recently quoted in a Columbus Dispatch article entitled, “Northland Mall: 20 years since mall’s closing, the area is making a comeback.” Alice’s work with the nonprofit Elevate Northland was mentioned, and she and the Executive Director of Elevate Northland, Judith Cockrell, were both pictured and […]
November 15, 2022
homepage of new Dobo's Delights design

Client Feature: Dobo’s Delights Bakery Website

Cindy Dobo always dreamed of owning a bakery, so when she opened Dobo’s Delights in Piqua, Ohio, she couldn’t have been happier. Her small-town bakery specializes in Hungarian pastries, and gained popularity because there aren’t many commercial bakers who make Hungarian treats. As a result, Cindy’s products are shipped all […]
November 15, 2022
Email Blast Company uses Automated Marketing graphic explainer

Email Blasts Getting Worse Results Lately? We Can Help.

SiteInSight has been helping clients send email newsletters and email blasts since 2007, before we were even incorporated. Since then, we have been created both hand-crafted and automated email newsletters to ensure our clients can send updates to their email lists, confident their messages would reliably land in inboxes. Recently, […]
January 31, 2022
D3 Podcast   Podcast on Spotify

SiteInSight CEO Interviewed on Podcast

SiteInSIght CEO Alice Foeller was featured on a podcast by an Ohio State University student organization called D3. D3 is a student organization from Ohio State that focuses on bring talented people for a semester to work on a venture. The D3 podcast is a media arm of D3 to […]
November 2, 2021

Greene County, Ohio, Government Website Design Project

In another success story for our company, Siteinsight recently helped the Greene County government with a website to keep the public informed about their upcoming water and sewer projects. Greene County, Ohio, was starting work on their water treatment and sanitary sewers throughout the county, but needed a way to […]