Alice Foeller


Chief Executive Officer

(614) 887-7483

Using communications and technical skills together to help small businesses and nonprofits improve their web presence, rank higher on searches, and find new customers. Alice (formerly Alice Hohl) is a published, full-time writer and editor and PR practitioner; She managed social media and digital strategies at The Salvation Army; and is a successful freelance writer. She also specializes in corporate communications, writing for the Web, and Web design on open-source CMS platforms, particularly for nonprofit and small businesses.

Sara Moore


Chief Visionary Officer

(614) 887-7483

Our mission is to anchor businesses to their local communities and the nation by bringing their brand to life and building authentic connections through the creation of engaging social media content, targeted ad campaigns and lead generation strategy using our proven and trademarked process, C.L.U.E.®.

Our Team

William Goff

Web Design and SEO

William Goff has been with SiteInSight since 2014, and translates our creative design ideas into technical reality. William also works with our monthly customers to make their sites more Google-friendly by improving keyword density, page load speed and more.

Graphics and Online Marketing

Betheny Swinehart

Graphics and Online Marketing

Betheny loves projects that combine creativity with rational problem-solving. She is great at understanding what customers want to accomplish and recommending streamlined solutions. She keeps your business looking good online, both on your own website and across the web.

Korie Wilkins

Writing and Blogging

Korie Wilkins brings her deadline writing skills to our customers, blending original quality article writing with keyword and SEO sensitivities to match our goals. Korie graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism and Political Science. She pursued her journalism career, ultimately writing for the Detroit Free Press for six years as a daily news reporter.

Yanzel Daskalakis

Graphic Designer

Aldie Pilena

Executive Assistant & Account Manager

Our Partners

We work with other trusted professionals in our community to provide you the services you need to make your digital marketing efforts a success.

Rampart Hosting

Project Management, Managed IT

Started in 2005, Rampart is a complete technology solution provider. We have continually added new services and capabilities in response to changing technology and our customers’ needs. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Columbus. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

Neumeric Technologies

Development, Consulting

Neumeric Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of Information Technology Solutions. With development centers in Ohio, Michigan in USA and Hyderabad, India coupled with key global partnerships, Neumeric Technologies Corporation has proven itself capable of tackling projects, regardless of scale and complexity. NTC’s abilities range from Custom Application Development to Product Development and from Business Intelligence to Data Science. We also have a large consulting, technical recruiting and training team, with expertise in a variety of platforms. Complexity is what drives us. We employ a variety of Developers, Architects, Data Scientists and Engineers. Our wide-array of talent, coupled with our deep understanding of technology, makes us an ideal partner.

Shankar Ramachandran

Your Webster
E-Commerce and Database

Shankar Ramachandran is the founder of Your Webster, a web strategy company in Worthington, Ohio. Your Webster and SiteInSight frequently combine forces on projects in which our skills complement each other and improve customer results. Your Webster specializes in shopping cart implementation and other database-driven website functions, such as forms, data entry and more. Shankar’s website and portfolio are here. Shankar volunteers with numerous community groups in Columbus and enjoys spending time with his daughter.

Becky Roley

Becky’s Bright Side
Branding and Graphic Design

Becky Roley is a graphic designer who works in Columbus and lives in Rockbridge, Ohio. She produces professional logos, graphics and brochures for a number of SiteInSight clients. Becky can always be counted on for quality work and a quick turnaround. Her website and portfolio are here.

Daniel Benway

High Country Facilitation and Coaching
Team Coaching and Leadership Development

Daniel Benway is the owner and founder of High Country Facilitation and Coaching. Daniel lends his expertise to SiteInSight, advising our clients with strategic planning, mediation and consensus building. Daniel brings expertise in strengths-based performance and effectiveness, helping team members work together to create a common vision, and then live into that new reality together. High Country’s website and methodology is here.Daniel also serves on our Advisory Board and assists SiteInSight with smart, sustainable growth and healthy team building.