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Keeping Your Website Safe and Well Maintained

Don’t allow your website to languish and deteriorate. Keep up with security and maintenance, and understand if your website is working for you.

Google Analytics Pie GraphOnce you have a website, or a new website design, maintenance, security and website analytics become critical next steps in making the most of your web presence.

Website Analytics Columbus Ohio

Do you know how many people are visiting your website, and what pages they are viewing? Do you know if you website is helping your business grow? Using Google Analytics to track your web traffic is critical, however the tool is so robust and detailed that using it can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have formal training in website analytics.

website analytics columbus ohio

Website Maintenance Columbus Ohio

There’s nothing worse than investing money in a beautiful new website only to have it deteriorate, disappear, or be blocked by the search engines because it has been infected with malware. Imagine your ideal customer finding you in a web search and clicking on your website URL only to see a scary red screen that advises them not to proceed because the website they are trying to reach could be dangerous and contain viruses!

Less dramatic but equally sad scenarios occur when someone forgets to renew the web hosting, and the site disappears without a backup copy, or when the software that makes the website work isn’t updated regularly and begins to break or stop working with newer browsers and mobile devices.

At SiteInSight, we can prevent all of those unfortunate scenarios for just $34 per month. We create regular backups of your website, scan daily for dangerous files, and send you a thorough report each month to keep you updated. It’s the best deal in the business, when you think about the time and money you’ve invested in your website.

If you are a website maintenance customer, we can also make changes and modifications to your website for you at a discounted rate, such as if you need to add or remove an employee from the staff page or adjust some text on your website.

We are located in Central Ohio, with offices in Gahanna, and we enjoy working with businesses and organizations in our community. Please get in touch and see how we can help you.