Featured Government Website: City of Hilliard

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April 23, 2016
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Featured Government Website: City of Hilliard

website design city of hilliard

The City of Hilliard knew it needed a long-term website redesign, which would takes months to complete. Government website projects are seldom quick and simple. But in the short term, the city needed a way to communicate news on its homepage in a more contemporary way.

SiteInSight stepped into the breach, building an eye-catching blog for the city, then going the extra mile to work with the city’s homepage and restructure it to display the top posts from the new blog … automatically.

SiteInSight employed many tools to make the City of Hilliard’s news easier to access, share, and ultimately email to residents. We combined multiple Twitter feeds so residents could see top tweets about Hilliard at a glance. Blog posts can be shared with a click to seven social media sites. In addition, all new blog posts are bundled up automatically every week and emailed out to a large list of residents, thanks to our behind-the-scenes work to coordinate email lists.

The part we built is located here: http://blog.hilliardohio.gov and if you look closely, you can see a reflection of the blog on the existing homepage of the city’s website, here: HilliardOhio.gov.